New Brand From Highland Spring Group

The UK’s biggest supplier of bottled water, Highland Spring Group, is launching a new brand created for the cash and carry and foodservice sectors.


Wed, 02 Mar 2011


Highland Spring

Highland Game:


Hydr8, which promotes the eight glasses a day message, is a naturally sourced British water produced from the company’s recently acquired Campsie Spring bottling plant, near Glasgow. It will be available in convenient 500ml scre- cap and 500ml sports bottles and six-packs.

The product will also be available in a 5-litre format, which is Highland Spring Group’s first foray into larger bottle sizes. This is the first new brand launched by the group since it acquired the bottled water business of Greencore Group plc in March 2010.

The UK value water sector experienced incremental growth of 18 million litres in 2010. It now accounts for more than 10% of total annual bottled water sales at 201m litres (source: Zenith/Nielsen 2009).

Richard Beeston of Perthshire-based Highland Spring said: "Hydr8 will allow the company to expand into a growing sector of the market.

"The product has excellent sales potential since it comes from the Highland Spring Group, is naturally sourced from one of our sustainable catchment areas and offers healthy hydration for price-conscious consumers.

"Hydr8 comes in a range of sizes so it is ideal for independent retailers who service a significant share of this market."

Glasgow-based 999 Design created the new packaging which promotes healthy hydration and the quality and sustainability credentials of the product.

Hydr8 will be sold primarily through specialist foodservice distributors and cash and carries and is now available UK-wide.

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