Steven Doherty Leaves The Cook School Scotland

Steven Doherty is to leave The Cook School Scotland

The Cook School Scotland will lose one of its most talented chefs as Steven Doherty, managing director of the school, returns to the Lakes to concentrate on his core business and consultancy at Lakeland in Windermere, Cumbria.


Wed, 30 Mar 2011


Cook School Scotland/Steven Doherty

Steven Doherty was appointed managing director of The Cook School Scotland, which opened in March 2009 at the Kilmarnock-based headquarters of Braehead Foods, supplier of quality meat, game and deli goods.

Doherty, who acquired his eminent reputation working with some of the world’s greatest chefs, worked alongside the legendary Albert and Michael Roux, during which time Le Gavroche became the first three-star Michelin restaurant in the UK.

He will continue as head chef/proprietor of Lakeland’s First Floor Cafe at the flagship store in Cumbria.

Throughout his time at the school Steven gained a high media profile with regular television appearances, profiles within the UK’s leading consumer publications as well as becoming a recipe columnist for a well-known national newspaper.

Steven commented: "It was the wish of myself to establish The Cook School Scotland as one of the leading cook schools in Scotland and the UK as a whole within two years and I have very much enjoyed the challenge of achieving this target.

"‘Working at The Cook School Scotland has been a wonderful opportunity for me and a personal ambition of mine to develop an award-winning facility from conception. It’s been a fulfilling journey. It’s now time for me to concentrate my efforts on my consultancy in the Lakes and a chance to do new things."

His role as managing director of the school was a consultative one which involved him overseeing the whole operation from the start to ensure it was running efficiently. Steven identified several key aspects he wanted to concentrate on, primarily which were to attract leading names in Scottish hospitality to cook at the school.

He successfully implemented this by gaining agreement from 22 guest chefs from across Scotland, including Ian Brown of The Ubiquitous Chip and Tony Singh of Oloroso to name just a few.

In addition, Steven was keen to ensure that people were aware it was a cook school for the general public to come and learn more about cookery in an informative and fun way, which was achieved mainly through the interactive sessions and "demo and dine" events he introduced.

As a judge of Gordon Ramsay’s scholarship, Steven ensured that the facility was also available to chefs to further their skills and experience, with an overall aim to provide the best visitor experience for all guests who visited The Cook School Scotland.

The Cook School Scotland.

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