Simon Howie Launches Premium Ready Meals Range

Simon Howie Launches Premium Ready Meals Range

Scottish family butcher Simon Howie has launched a premium range of traditional ready meals to cater for the lifestyle trend towards single-person households.


Mon, 11 Apr 2011


Simon Howie

Simon Howie:


Unlike most ready meals, which are mass-produced in a factory, the Simon Howie Foods range is prepared by chefs to more closely reflect the demands of discerning consumers.

David Niblett, national sales manager at Perthshire-based Simon Howie, said: "Our ready meals offer a generous portion for one and, due to the innovative and unconventional nature of their preparation, reflect the quality, taste and appearance of a nutritious home-cooked meal.

"All our ready meals are made by hand by our award-winning chefs to support an identified premium niche in the ready meal market. The range has undergone significant product development to ensure it represents the standard of a traditional home-cooked meal."

Ready meals offer an affordable alternative to eating out, and a less expensive option for consumers seeking a night off from cooking. But whereas the ready meal market has previously been dominated by spicy foods originating from overseas, such as curries, the Simon Howie range caters for a growing trend for more traditional, locally-sourced foods.

Simon Howie’s ready meals range comprises: haggis, neeps and tatties; Scottish stovies and braised cabbage; beef olives in onion gravy with mashed potato; steak mince with mashed potato; and pork sausages in onion gravy with mashed potato.

The full range is available in ASDA and Sainsbury’s throughout Scotland.

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