Scotty Brand Launches Billboard Campaign in Scotland

Scotty Brand Launches Billboard Campaign in Scotland

Premium food company Scotty Brand is launching a poster campaign across Scotland from mid-November.


Mon, 14 Nov 2011


Scotty Brand

Scotty Brand:


Over 100 visually striking 48 and 96-sheet posters using high-dynamic range photography will depict traditional Scottish farming scenes, communicating the natural goodness of the brand’s potatoes and carrots.

Scotty Brand marketing manager, Michael Jarvis, explained the thinking behind the poster campaign, developed with marketing communications agency, Billington Cartmell. "We wanted to demonstrate the values at the heart of Scotty Brand," he said.

"That is to provide excellent quality healthy food, making the most of pure Scottish rainwater and the rich soil of the country.

"With the use of high-tech impactful photography, we’re able to bring the fertile lushness of the Scottish countryside right in front of the consumer."

Jarvis, commenting on this confident above-the-line investment at an early stage of the brand’s life, said: "There are very few produce brands at the moment, so Scotty Brand is a real innovation in the market.

"Current Scottish sales of potatoes and carrots in Asda and of potatoes in Tesco are growing and further distribution through other high-street multiples is expected in the near future.

"We had great success with Scotty Brand raspberries and strawberries in the summer and are looking forward to expanding our portfolio into other areas.

"Demand for Scottish produce is on the rise – people care about the provenance of their food and Scotland is seen as a guarantee of quality across a large number of categories.

"The Scotty Brand range offers consumers this assurance of quality at a good value price. It is a winning combination."

Scotty Brand takes great pride in Scottish quality and in its own heritage and this is very much a growth brand. "We are confidently ambitious for the rest of UK and are expecting to announce national expansion within the next six months," added Jarvis.

Scotty Brand is a standalone subsidiary of Lanarkshire-based Albert Bartlett, the UK’s leading potato producer. The logo is based on the original chosen by Albert Bartlett himself back in the 1940s when he began to sell beetroot.

The relaunch of Scotty Brand ties in with growing trends towards locally-grown produce, nostalgia and people seeking a guarantee of naturally produced premium-quality foods at value prices.

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