Dribble Delights Embarks on Crowdfunding Venture

Dribble Delights, a Scottish start-up and producer of dairy free baby and toddler food and snacks, is embarking on an exciting crowdfunding venture as it targets growth.


Mon, 09 Jan 2012


Dribble Delights

Dribble Delights:


Dairy intolerance is a growing concern for parents who struggle to find safe and tasty alternatives for their children. In the UK alone, 15,000 to 22,000 babies are diagnosed each year, according to Dribble Delights.

Cheryl Ryder, director and co-owner of Dribble Delights, is also a mum of three children, all of whom are dairy intolerant. Ryder and her sister, Gillian McDonald, started the business after finding out the hard way just how upsetting it can be to have very young children with food allergies.

The duo, who struggled to raise finance for the business the traditional way, have decided to launch a crowdfunding project on Bloom VC to reach out to a wider audience to raise the £7k they need to take the business to the next level.

They are offering an exciting range of rewards, including an opportunity to be part of the tasting team creating some of the snacks, and also the chance to name up to five limited editions of their Dribble Nibble snacks, in exchange for donations to their campaign.

Ryder said: "We are really excited to be a part of crowdfunding with Bloom and for it to happen right here in Scotland is amazing.

"Being a complete start-up in late 2011 we met Bloom founder Amanda Boyle through a national competition where we were one of five Scottish finalists who got the chance to pitch our business idea to entrepreneurs for an amazing package of prizes.

"We didn’t win but we came second in the ‘wildcard’ heat, which really boosted our confidence and gave us the determination to carry on.

"It also put us in touch with our target audience and really made us aware of the number of dairy-intolerant children."

Dribble Delights was launched in October 2011 by Ryder and McDonald who found themselves in a "life-changing situation and afterwards decided to take matters into their own hands".

Ryder experienced several trips to the doctor which eventually ended in a trip to hospital with her oldest child, then aged nine months. Thankfully, it was identified as being a dairy allergy and by simply eliminating milk from her daughter’s diet everything was better.

"Simply saying eliminate milk sounds pretty easy but in reality it’s pretty hard," said Ryder. "Milk is everywhere, dairy is used in practically everything! Our lives were turned upside down as we started to negotiate a life without dairy."

When Ryder discovered that both her other children were showing the same symptoms of being dairy intolerant it became even harder for her to create food that had taste and variety.

Her sister then stepped in and started to create simple, delicious meals and snacks that cater for delicate little tummies. The idea to start Dribble Delights was born.

Dribble Delights wants to bring to market a range of baby and toddler food, and a range of snacks, that is completely dairy free. By crowdfunding, the firm actually get to engage with its target audience directly and is offering some fantastic rewards such as taster sessions, taster packs, Dribble Delights merchandise and also the chance to name limited editions of Dribble Nibble snacks and treats.

Ryder said: "We want our customers to help shape the future of ‘Free From’ food. This can be an exciting journey and to have a hand in the actual creation of a product from idea to manufacturing to seeing the product on local shelves, 2012 is going to be an amazing year for Dribble Delights and dairy-intolerant children."

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