A Brand for All Seasons

Premium Scottish food company Scotty Brand has become the only brand to offer a portfolio of solely Scottish-grown produce that switches from one product to another according to the season.


Thu, 27 Sep 2012


Scotty Brand

As colder weather moves in, Scotty Brand prepared vegetables will replace soft fruit and lettuce.  ASDA and larger Tesco stores in Scotland will stock two of the packs from the range from this weekend until late spring.  A chunky rustic Casserole Mix of swede, carrot, potato, leek and onion is very versatile, providing for example a great vegetarian dish, the basis of delicious stews or an accompaniment to roasts. For a traditional hearty soup, Scotch Broth Mix offers the ideal proportions of vegetables and unusually, a sachet of Scottish barley is also included.

This summer its soft fruits, lettuce and Ayrshire new potatoes flew off the shelves as shoppers nationwide responded to Scotty Brand’s policy of providing quality seasonal produce from farms across Scotland.

The prepared vegetables are sourced from Kettle Produce, which was established by two Fife farming families in 1985. The company is based in the small village of Balmalcolm and works with a variety of farmers nearby.  

Michael Jarvis, Marketing Manager of Scotty Brand comments that Scotty Brand’s strategy of sourcing the local best of the season has helped the company become Scotland’s biggest food success story in 2012. “We will never compromise on quality and once the best of the season is over we switch to other produce that is at its tasty peak.  Our farmers meet our rigorous requirements to ensure only the very best of Scotland is behind the Scotty Brand label.”

Scotty Brand are members of Scotland Food & Drink. For information on membership and joining, click here.

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