Scottish Energy Drink Spars the Competition

The first and only energy drink to be created, branded and manufactured in Scotland has now hit the shelves with a major food and drink retailer, providing a tartan rival to some of the UK’s top energy drink brands.


Fri, 04 Jan 2013

Nae Danger has been launched as a dedicated Scottish rival to brands such as Red Bull, Monster, Relentless and Rockstar and has an eye on taking a slice of the popular caffeine-drink market.

After  launching in August this year and selling over half a million cans to date through independent retailers, the brand has now signed its first major chain store deal with Spar Scotland, supplying 15,000 cans of the energy drink to a number of stores across the country.

Nae Danger is the brainchild of Ross Gourlay, 50, from Glasgow, who created it after joking with friends that the Scottish saying ‘nae danger’ would be an ideal and quirky name for an energy drink.

Ross said: “Before creating Nae Danger, I had no intentions of creating a Scottish energy drink. It was only after talking with friends and having a laugh about the name, that I began to see the real potential that a product such as this could have on the retail market.

“Securing this deal with Spar is a major coup for us as a brand and comes just after selling half a million cans in a few short months. Hopefully this will allow us to really break into the energy drink market and prove that there is real demand for a Scottish drink such as this.

“There is no other Scottish energy drink out there, which has allowed us to fill this gap in the market and as the first I hope that Nae Danger can lead the way in creating recognisable Scottish brands available in UK stores.”

Nae Danger with its tongue and cheek catch line ‘aye…ye cannae whack it…’ comes in a variety of flavours, including, Blue Raspberry and Red Blueberry, with a nae sugar option coming soon.

Currently Nae Danger is available to buy from leading independent retailers in Scotland, the UK and Northern Ireland and will now be available across selected Spar stores in Scotland and is priced at just £1 for 500ml.
Its creator Ross Gourlay has over 20 years experience working in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry as the managing director of Glencrest. Founded in 1996, Glencrest is a leading wholesaler of soft drinks, confectionery, licensed goods, crisps and snacks, supplying FMCG’s to independent retailers and retail chains across Scotland.

More information about Nae Danger can be found on the company website.

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