2nd February #ScotFood Questions Announced

2015 has been designated as the Year of Food and Drink and each month the #ScotFood chats will reflect the various themes of the year.


Mon, 02 Feb 2015


Scotland Food & Drink

The first chat of 2015 discussed ‘Traditional Foods’ and during the chat over 250 of you joined in and we received over 1000 tweets using the #scotfood tag! 

Throughout 2015 we will be running the #ScotFood chat using our twitter handle @Eat_Scottish

The aim of the chats are to get to know each other better, share opportunities, promote the diversity of Scotland’s larder and discuss the Year of Food and Drink. During each month’s chat, our discussions will be centred on the Year of Food and Drink themes (which can be found here), February’s theme is ‘The Food of Love’. 

We are hoping #ScotFood will become a regular event on your calendar and a way of meeting and working with a wider group of people who share an interest in the Scottish food and drink industry, the Year of Food and Drink and Scottish food tourism.

Tips for participants are available here, courtesy of Susan McNaughton.

Questions for 2nd February 2015:

Q1 Introduce yourself, include the first part of your postcode and your reason for joining #scotfood tonight

Q2 We love Scottish produce! What Scottish food or drink do you love the most? #scotfood

Q3 What delicious Scottish dishes have you planned for Valentines Day? #scotfood

Q4 Where is your favourite place to share Scottish produce with the people you love? #scotfood

Q5 Traditionally oysters, chocolate and steak are the food of love, what unusual foods do you serve your loved ones? #scotfood

Q6 Where do you love to buy Scottish produce? #scotfood

Thanks for all your tweets this evening! Remember to get involved in the Year of Food and Drink #tastescotland #scotfood 

Remember to include photographs throughout the hour of your favourite foods or recipes. Remember to answer the questions using A1 to answer Q1 and so on and also include the #ScotFood tag. This allows us to pull together all the answers you give into a feature story on Storify, enabling others to find out about what we’ve been discussing and a place to find businesses who are actively seeking customers, bloggers to find subjects and connections between people who join in.

Dates for 2015:

  • 2nd March
  • 6th April
  • 4th May
  • 1st June
  • 6th July
  • 3rd August
  • 7th September
  • 5th October 
  • 2nd November
  • 7th December 

For further information on the #scotfood chat or to suggest questions, please contact Kathryn Mutch by email.

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