Scots Urged to Eat More Fish

A new campaign targeted at Scotland aims to increase levels of seafood consumption to at least two portions of fish a week.


Tue, 14 Feb 2017



Despite 74 per cent of adults in Scotland being worried about their health, a survey carried out by Seafish found that 70 per cent of Scots aren’t eating enough fish.

The NHS and health professionals recommend eating two portions of fish each week – one of which should be an oily fish – as part of a healthy, balanced diet.

The research highlighted just how many people in Scotland weren’t aware of the recommended fish consumption (82 per cent), but after being told the health benefits of fish, 71 per cent said that this encouraged them to eat more.

Seafish’s corporate relations director Mel Groundsell said: ‘Fish is delicious and nutritious, but our research has found that far too few people in Scotland know of the importance of eating two portions of seafood a week.

‘Our new ‘Fish 2 a Week’ campaign is all about making sure that people know that by eating more fish more often, they can lead healthier lives.’

Seafish’s survey gathered results from all corners of the UK; haddock was found to be Scotland’s most popular fish, whereas in England and Wales it was cod. Seafish’s ‘Fish 2 a Week’ campaign will encourage people to try alternative species.

This article first appeared on the FISHupdate website.

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