The Power of Food Festival a Festival for Everyone

The Power of Food Festival showcases community food growing around Edinburgh & celebrates the amazing people who breathe life into neighbourhoods through their work in and around the gardens.


Tue, 18 Apr 2017


The Power of Food Festival

Its purpose is to encourage greater societal wellbeing, environmental sustainability and social inclusion through the promotion of community food growing.

Edinburgh may be world-famous for its summer festival of arts and culture, but away from the buzz something completely different but equally inspiring is taking place. Entirely free, the Power of Food Festival is a great way to discover Edinburgh Hidden gems, and to connect with people in a fun and relaxed environment. Food growing gardens throw open their gates & put on events & entertainment, enabling people to enjoy music, workshops, gardening, etc. and to explore their neighborhood in a friendly atmosphere.

Founded by in 2015, the festival is now in its third year & in 2017 it will be held on the weekend of June 17th & June 18th with 29 community gardens across Edinburgh opening their gates and inviting the public to discover and share their beautiful spaces.

What we eat shapes our physical environment, both urban and rural - indeed, our environment also shapes what we eat. So we start to understand how food is at the crossroads between many complex issues, global and local, social and environmental: health, social inequalities, climate change, North/South relations, biodiversity, water, waste, landscape, economics, food poverty. Food is central to our societal well-being, for better and for worse. The Festival celebrates people taking action in their local communities & is part of a growing desire to reconnect with our food.

The act of growing one’s own food is powerful and to do it with others is transformational, for individuals and for communities. It creates strong social connections around shared positive goals and collective action. It is inclusive and acts against social isolation. Community food growing creates welcoming oases of calm where nature sets the pace and buffers the stress of everyday life. It promotes better mental and physical health, in a way accessible to all. It reconnects us to nature, the seasons, and where food comes from.

Community food gardens thrive on people’s generosity, our desire to share and learn together, our human creativity and ingenuity. They often turn dead or neglected spaces into beautiful, productive ones. They promote a positive neighbourhood identity and a sense of civic pride.

The collective nature of community food growing gives a sense of shared purpose, a meaningful place in the world, a greater feeling of self-belief. It is about self-reliance: ordinary people taking power in their own hands to make positive change happen.

Community food gardens take all forms, shapes and sizes – they all have a different story to tell. The Power of Food Festival invites you to explore their diversity and discover the human stories that shape them.

Marie-Amelie Viatte, Founder of The Power of Food Festival explains: "Our aim is to inspire the public to think differently about how we can use local green spaces, to reconsider our relationship with food, and to think of community food growing as a powerful force for social change – connecting people, building trust, doing something together that’s greater than the sum of the parts ".

The Festival is entirely free, organised & run by volunteers without grant funding. Get involved & visit one or many gardens!

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