Brexit modelling justifies NFUS priorities

AHDB Report shows clear need for focus on support, access to markets and labour requirements


Thu, 12 Oct 2017


NFU Scotland

NFU Scotland believes the modelling report ‘Brexit scenarios: An impact assessment’ launched by levy body Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) justifies the lobbying priorities the Union has been pursuing.

The AHDB analysis looks at the potential implications for individual UK agricultural sectors of leaving the EU. It covers beef, sheep, pigs, dairy, cereals, potatoes and horticulture, and analyses how farm incomes will be impacted by changes to the labour force, agricultural policy, regulation and the potential shape of future trade. It also illustrates the potentially severe impact on the bottom line for some farming sectors.

NFU Scotland’s Director of Policy, Jonnie Hall said: “While the AHDB report sets out more extreme scenarios, this detailed analysis unequivocally justifies NFU Scotland's Brexit priorities.

“With our food and drink sector valued at more than £14 billion, it is a bigger driver of Scotland's economy than oil and gas.  But with big ambitions to grow the industry to £30 billion by 2030, that means striking a bespoke Brexit deal that recognises the unique nature of our industry and gives confidence to Scotland’s farmers and crofters that production will be profitable in the future

“For that to happen, Scottish and UK agricultural and food products must have frictionless access to existing and new export markets, and that the domestic market must not be exposed to cheaper imports that lack Scotland's exemplary animal welfare and environmental standards.

“The report also underlines the Union’s calls for continuous access to a skilled and competent work force, within both the farming and food processing sectors.  

“And it is beyond doubt that this AHDB work demonstrates the vital role that continued, targeted farm support will have, not least through an unknown transition period. The evidence presented underscores NFU Scotland’s calls for continued support refocused on action-based measures to bring about improved productivity across sectors while delivering environmental benefits and safeguarding and enhancing production standards.

“That would create the bed rock of a thriving farming, food and drinks sector for the post Brexit era.”


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