Scotland Food & Drink Scottish Perception Research

This research looked at attitudes towards Scottish produce and local sourcing across two panels of 1,000 people; one in Scotland and across the rest of the UK.


Tue, 07 Nov 2017


Scotland Food & Drink

Scotland Food & Drink carried out research in September 2016 in partnership with independent pollster, Survation. The research included the following highlights:

  • 69% of Scots say that the availability of locally sourced products is important, this compares to 55% of the rest of the UK saying that it is important to have locally sourced products from their region.
  • Looking at the placement of flags on products, almost two thirds (65%) of Scots say they are more likely to buy products with the saltire on them, with the union jack figure was just 32%.
  • 71% of the Scottish population believe the perception of Scottish Food & Drink has improved over the past 10 years and 45% of the rest of the UK think it has improved. Only 2% of people believe it has got worse across the total UK. (see fig.1).
  • 52% of Scots are prepared to pay more for Scottish food and drink, and 40% in the rest of UK are also prepared to pay more for Scottish food and drink.

We have also seen growth in Scottish brands’ sales value as well as perception across GB. Data from Kantar Worldpanel showed retail sales of Scottish food and drink brands in GB were valued at approx. £1.98 billion, up a marginal 0.3% (£5 million) from the previous year, and up 41% (£575 million) from May 2007.  

Fig.1 - Thinking about the following symbols that you may see on products, to what extent do you think that products with these symbols on are of better quality than equivalent products without these symbols?

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