Why the Hospitality Industry needs support?

Why the Hospitality Industry needs support?

There is a nationwide skills shortage in the hospitality industry, particularly for chefs and the crisis is getting worse by the day.


Thu, 07 Dec 2017


Hub International

This is a major issue around the industry being able to attract young people to the entry level jobs, and as the jobs remain unfilled additional pressure is put on those already working in the industry to work longer hours, causing them to leave the industry often under stress.

If we can encourage young people in to the industry with a good introduction to front and back of house skills, we can support the existing staff to grow and develop in their roles and this will help the hospitality industry grow as a whole.

This programme is unique due to the level of employer and supplier interaction at the start of the programme, the industry visits to top hotels, producers and suppliers, and the high level of hands on highly skilled modern training that they will undertake. Teamed with a quality paid work experience placement with respected employers, the young person will stand a good chance of gaining meaningful employment as an apprentice by the end of their training programme. 

Founder of Hub International Stephanie Wade has a proven track record of delivering innovative, engaging, industry leading hospitality training programmes for young people facing challenges gaining meaningful employment, together with a collective of leading industry ambassadors from Tourism, Hospitality and Food & Drink, Stephanie creates programmes that are attractive to young people, and that give them maximum skills and confidence to enable them to flourish quickly when entering the workforce. 

Previous programmes saw 100% of the trainees move in to employment within kitchen & bar positions in Glasgow & Edinburgh:

Hub International are looking for food and drink businesses of all shapes and sizes to support and partner with them to help educate these youngsters about all aspects of the food and drink supply chain. Whether that's to talk about sourcing the produce, seasonality, the growers, bakers, the butchers, the farms, fishermen, producers or go on forages and cook with the ingredients we source. If you'd like to be involved, click here for more information and contact details. 

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