Nairn’s Leading The Way In Lower Sugar Biscuits

Nairn’s, one of the UK’s biggest producers of oat-based biscuits based in Edinburgh, came out positively in the latest Action on Sugar report.


Thu, 02 Aug 2018



A new study released today (26th July) by Action on Sugar at Queen Mary University of London and published by the BMJ, reveals that 74% of biscuits sold in the UK in 2016 received a ‘red’ or (high) label for sugar content.

With research suggesting that 93% of Brits eat sweet biscuits regularly,3 the latest findings make for worrying reading, despite health experts warning against excess sugar consumption that contributes to chronic health conditions.

Of 481 products tested in the study, Nairn’s sweet biscuits – which includes the market leading branded sweet gluten free biscuit range “Biscuit Breaks” – were found to have the lowest sugar per 100g and the second lowest calories per 100g.

Martyn Gray, Managing Director at Nairn’s comments;

“Sugar has been under the spotlight for a few years now, but for us, it has always been one of our main priorities when it comes to developing our products. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that our biscuits not only taste great, but are also healthy and have a lower sugar and calorie content – all our sweet biscuits contain between 15-20g of sugar per 100g. With research showing 9 out of 10 people in the UK eat sweet biscuits regularly and that these biscuits make up over 60% of the total market value4, we make it that little bit easier for people to enjoy a treat without compromising on taste. We benchmark our range of biscuits and gluten free biscuits with over 100 similar products, and on average, our biscuits contain up to 45% less sugar”.

Nutritionist, broadcaster and health author Amanda Hamilton welcomes this latest news as further reinforcement for people to review their sugar consumption.

Hamilton says, “My advice, whether someone overweight or not, is to take a sensible approach when it comes to sugar consumption. We all like our treats, but try to find brands that have a lower sugar content if you are eating biscuits on a regular basis. It’s good to see supermarkets are taking responsibility and offering ‘healthier options’ brands like Nairn’s who produce oat biscuits with a significantly lower sugar content. This allows people to still enjoy the foods they like as a treat, yet reducing their overall sugar intake, which for me makes sense.”

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