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Digital Food Labelling

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Publication date: 22/04/2020
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European Shoppers are increasingly using smartphones in supermarkets to access product promotions, sales and other product information. According to a recent survey with 2,600 European consumers, conducted by the data and analytics group IRI, more than one third of shoppers are using smartphone applications to seek for product information in grocery stores. This implies, that there is a growing demand for more product information including traceability across the food supply chain and additional health and nutritional information on food.

Consumers want to buy healthy food and they want to know where the food comes from, how it is processed and which ingredients there are in the products they buy. At the same time, consumers are overwhelmed by all the product information food packages contain. Diverse labels, certifications and health claims manufacturers and retailers use to differentiate from their competitors and to offer consumers as much information as they desire, are confusing for shoppers.

The increasing use of mobile technology presents a new opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to connect with shoppers. One innovation is the use of digital food labels, such as Quick response technology (QR codes), to provide additional information on food products, especially for information seekers via smartphone applications.

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