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Pseudo Meat

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Publication date: 28/04/2020
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Due to the increasing health and environmental concerns of red meat in developed countries, there is a growing demand for meat alternatives to counter future’s food supply challenges. Regarding the global impacts of the industrialised animal agriculture, including rising greenhouse gas emissions, animal welfare issues and sustainability aspects, food tech companies have started to invest in new food technologies relating meat substitutes. According to Mintel, meat is becoming less popular in the UK as 35 % of the consumers indicate that they are ‘flexetarian’, 40 % eat less meat than they used to do and a third of the consumers actively choose to eat less meat. Common meat alternatives include plant-based sausages and veggie patties, produced from soy, tofu, pulses or tempeh. A new innovation is ‘fake bleeding meat’ or pseudo meat that smells, tastes and looks like real meat – a possible innovative market segment of the future.

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