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The world’s first plastic-free supermarket aisle

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Publication date: 07/06/2019
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A supermarket chain in the Netherlands is testing a totally plastic-free aisle in one of its stores. Over 700 products, from meat to sauces will be packaged in plastic-free alternatives. Are we starting to see the dawn of a plastic-free world in food and drink retail?

Ekoplaza, the Dutch supermarket chain, has installed a plastic-free aisle in its Amsterdam store, becoming, it’s thought, the first supermarket to do so. Instead of wrapping products in plastic, it’s testing innovative, compostable biomaterials - alongside traditional materials, like glass, metal and cardboard.

Consumers will be able to find most of their regular fresh and larder products in the aisle, over 700 products in total. And if the aisle proves a success, Ekoplaza will roll out the concept across its 74 branches. Will this prove to be a significant milestone in the global battle against plastic waste?

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