Brakes Scotland Launch New Brochure with Over 600 Scottish Lines

Monday, 25 March 2019 Industry news

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Brakes Scotland continue to champion the best of Scottish produce in their new food brochure, which was launched at their Scottish Supplier Showcase at the Beach Ballroom at the end of February 2019.

The Scottish Supplier Showcase allowed new and existing Brakes Scotland customers to see and taste new products from a variety of Scottish and National Suppliers.

In relation to the Scottish Supplier Showcase, Gary Maclean said:

“It’s always a pleasure to come along and work with the Brakes Scotland team. At the Showcase in Aberdeen we did a few live demos cooking with some of the incredible Scottish produce that is now available from Brakes Scotland. It’s good to see brilliant produce from Scottish brands being made more accessible.”

Chef Gary Maclean, Brakes Scotland Ambassador was also at the Showcase and hosted three cooking demonstrations during the event, cooking a variety of dishes with some of Scotland’s best produce

Back in 2015, Brakes Scotland offered 300 Scottish lines in their brochure but now boast over 620 Scottish products across food, alcohol and an expanding range of catering supplies. As a result, Brakes Scotland are now working with 110 suppliers, from small scale artisan producers to larger businesses.

Almost eighty percent of the new food brochure consists of chilled or ambient product lines, meaning only a handful of products are frozen to preserve their freshness and maintain an unrivalled product quality. In addition, three quarters of Brakes Scotland’s meat range is chilled, including fresh Scotch Beef, chilled wild venison, black pudding, haggis, chilled sliced ham and roast beef.

Brakes Scotland are continuing to develop new product lines, including fresh fish, a range of Scottish pâtés, cheeses, desserts and ice creams which are set to launch in April 2019. A further 53 products are set to launch before August 2019.

Healthy products are also very much on the radar for Brakes Scotland and at present, Brakes Scotland are exploring a variety of healthy snacking options and drinks.

Brakes Scotland have reviewed their alcohol range and this year will offer 40 of the most popular craft ales, lagers, ciders and gins from 7 suppliers throughout Scotland, allowing every caterer to offer a local beer from their region. Suppliers include; Black Isle Brewery in Inverness to Thistly Cross Cider in Edinburgh as well as craft ales from the Isle of Skye.

This year, with their commitment to the environment, Brakes are offering very limited printed copies of the brochure and are encouraging customers - new and existing -  to download the brochure from the Brakes Scotland Website:

John McLintock, Operations Director at Brakes Scotland said:

“Brakes Scotland are delighted to bring another updated version of our Brakes Scotland brochure to our customers, now featuring many new lines. We continue to improve on our Scottish provenance showcasing some of the best food and drink that Scotland has to offer.”

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