Scottish Family Businesses Celebrate Their Industry in National Day

Thursday, 07 February 2019 Industry news

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Six Scottish cold pressed rapeseed oil producers reflected on what it means to be a family enterprise this Scottish Family Business Day.

Scottish Family Business Day 2019 was celebrated on 6th February and recognised the contribution of family firms across Scotland.

The Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Group are a collective of producers from across Scotland that have joined forces to share their stories and why every kitchen should have a bottle of Scottish cold pressed rapeseed oil.

The group consists of Black and Gold from East Lothian, Supernature for Midlothian, Summer Harvest from Perthshire, Cullisse from the Highlands and Ola Oils and Mackintosh of Glendaveny from Aberdeenshire.

Family Business United founder, Paul Andrews said:

“There are thousands of family firms across Scotland and not only do they employ significant numbers of people, generate significant tax revenues and support local communities, they are the backbone of the economy.  All too often the endeavours of the family business sector are dismissed in favour of their non-family counterparts and the aim of Scottish Family Business Day is to champion the sector, put family firms on the map and help to dispel the myths surrounding the Scottish family business sector.”

Each of the producers in the Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil group are family businesses and have been for a number of years.

Graham Young, Industry Development Director at Scotland Food & Drink said:

“The Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Group was started to share what a wonderful product it is, and help put it on the culinary map in Scotland, the UK and overseas. Each of the producers are family businesses and you can really see how this plays in their favour. They are all such tight units that work very effectively together. This has helped make their products very popular. It is great to see the next generations within each of the producers begin to follow in their parent’s footsteps, as they being to learn about the businesses and become more involved with the operations. It is very important that we celebrate family businesses and reflect on what it means to be part of one because they are a key element to the Scottish economy and employ a vast percentage of the population. They also help us to diversify Scotland’s larder and show the world how great our produce is.”

Lynn Mann from Supernature, a producer with the Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Group said:

"I think it makes a big difference when all or several of you are all invested in the same thing and in growing a successful business, there is a sense of the efforts being for family as well as business good. I think you can be more direct with family members and so that often makes things easier. Over the years when I’ve had to go away for days to trade shows it has helped that the rest of the family have pulled together around childcare and supported me in growing the business."

Mark Bush from Summer Harvest, another producer with Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Group went on to say:

“You get so much support when working with your family.  Everyone want the business to do well so everyone really works hard to make this happen.  We are fifth generation farmers.  Each generation has moved the business forward for the next generation.  It is great to know we are doing the same.”

For more information on Scottish Family Business Day, visit and follow the #ScottishFamilyBizDay2019.

For more information on the Scottish Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil Group, visit and follow their social media: @scottishrapeseedoil on Facebook and Instagram and @scotrapeseedoil on Twitter.

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