Tea Scotland

Tea Scotland

Tea Scotland is a collaborative tea development initiative enabling tea growers throughout Scotland to develop and sell premium black tea products.

What have you used this funding for and how has it helped strengthen the food and drink landscape in your region? Any standout success stories?

This funding allowed us to develop two new black tea products for the premium loose tea market. These products strengthen the profile of tea grown in Scotland being a new product of exceptional quality. This collaboration has enabled a group of remote Scottish tea growers to succeed in innovating new methods of production and create products which we can repeat with increased yields going forward.

'The Gathering' sold out within 2 days of release and a batch of double roasted tea called 'The Blackhouse' sold directly to a high end restaurant The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant.

If your project is ongoing, how can others support what you do, and ensure the local region continues to thrive?

Our project is ongoing, the group aims to make these collaborative teas each year. People can support the initiative by choosing to buy local where they can and local businesses can benefit by collaborating their energies towards more effective PR, placement, and positively affect sales for one another. The general consciousness around the provenance of Scottish food and drink needs to remain very positive in order for this to thrive, and to do this people need to continue create and champion high quality products.

What is your advice for anyone who is interested in creating a collaborative regional food and drink initiative?

Anyone interested in carrying out a collaborative initiative will be gratified by the successes that group can make. Effective delegation of roles and a positive attitude will ensure the project keeps its momentum throughout!

What are your hopes for the future of local and regional food and drink in Scotland?

Our hopes are high for the future of local and regional food and drink in Scotland. We believe in a more local economy where things can be produced and sold closer to home and that social, economic and environmental benefits have more chance of taking root in communities that operate on a smaller scale. Scotland with its geographically remote regions lends itself to an exciting regional food and drink culture, made rich by a variety of high quality products. Together, we can positively influence the consumer about Scottish provenance and aid general consciousness about the food and drink we consume.