Regional Food Groups

Thanks to new funding, our regional food groups are doing more than ever to support local businesses, events and ideas.


Scotland’s regional food groups are the local heroes of our food and drink sector. There are 18 of them across the nation, from Ayrshire and East Lothian to Orkney and Shetland, and they bring together:

  • producers
  • hospitality and tourism businesses
  • independent retailers and markets
  • other people or organisations interested in growing the local food economy

Support for businesses

Each group works in its own way, but they’re all looking to put local food, drink and businesses on the map and drive growth. Their activities include:

  • promoting regional food and encouraging purchasing of local produce
  • delivering food tourism projects and events
  • working together on digital and e-commerce projects
  • problem-solving on local issues from distribution to upskilling

Supported by our UK Market Development Team and new Scottish Government funding, the 18 groups are crucial players helping to deliver the Home Advantage and Food Tourism Scotland strategies.

Regional food groups have a pivotal role to play in the growth of our country’s food, drink and food tourism sectors, and I encourage all food and drink businesses to work with their local group.

Fiona Richmond, Head of Regional Food, Scotland Food & Drink

Scotland's Regional Food Group Guide

Whether you are an existing Regional Food Group or are thinking about setting up one in your area, this document is for you. It's a handy reference for everything from the secrets of success to funding and everything in between. 

Regional Food Group guide

Best practice case studies

Once you've read through Scotland's Regional Food Group Guide, be sure to check out our best practice examples.

>> Appetite for Angus
>> Eat Drink Hebrides
>> Food from Fife 

Get involved

Did you know that 50% of Scottish consumers plan to buy more local food and drink? Now is an ideal time to take advantage of that by linking up with your own regional food group. You’ll find their contact details below.

Case studies

You can read case studies here on how the funding has helped the regional food groups and what they are currently working on.

Want to know more?

To find out more about individual regional food groups, you can get in touch with them directly.

For more general questions about regional food and drink networks and support, contact Fiona Richmond, Head of Regional Food, on

Regional food resources

Whether you’re part of a regional food group or a business looking to grow, our best practice guides and other information can put you on the inside track for success.

Regional food growth

Growing our local food businesses and networks benefits all of us. So there’s plenty of support available.

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Regional Food Tourism Ambassadors

Could you help to lead and inspire our local food tourism growth? And raise our profile as a food tourism destination? We were looking for ambassadors across Scotland and this could be you.

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Regional Food Fund

Are you involved in a collaborative initiative that promotes and celebrates regional food and drink? If so, the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership Regional Food Fund may be able to offer you funding.

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Support Local

Connecting you with food and drink producers from around Scotland. From bread to beer and fish to fresh produce. Shop local and support businesses in your local area.

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Grow your regional business

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many consumers started buying more local produce. Which means that now – more than ever – could be a great time for your business to tap into regional markets.

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