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Fish And Seafood
  • Fish (oily/pelagic)
  • Fresh fish
  • Frozen fish
  • Other smoked fish
  • Salmon (farmed)
  • Salmon (smoked)
  • Shellfish (farmed)
  • Shellfish (wild)
  • Trout (farmed)
  • Trout (wild)
  • White fish

Delivery method

  • Home delivery - Scotland-wide
  • Pick up
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Andrew McDicken Ltd have been supplying quality seafood to the wholesale and retail sectors in the west of Scotland for over 80 years. Always adapting and innovating we have introduced home deliveries to enable us to engage directly with you, the end user and bring the very best Scottish seafood directly to your door.

Supplying quality Scottish seafood to wholesale, retail and direct home deliveries.

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Facebook: @AndrewMcDickenLtd 

Instagram: @amcdickenltd 

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Supplier information


Glasgow Fish Market, 130 Blochairn Rd, Glasgow G21 2DU, UK


0141 552 0042