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Arbikie Highland Estate is a single-estate distillery perched on the scenic east coast of Angus. All ingredients for Arbikie spirits are planted, sown, grown and harvested on the farm.

Arbikie distillery produces artisan gin, vodka, Highland Rye Scotch Whisky and single malt whisky. Provenance and traceability of ingredients is at the heart of the company.


We started our journey with an ultra premium potato vodka using the potatoes grown on our estate. Named after the “Tattie Bogle” scarecrows used in the past to keep birds off the fields, we use three varieties of potatoes in our vodka which are Maris piper, King Edward and Cultra. Having grown these varieties for many years and we know they are great for making vodka. The result is a creamy, ultra-smooth and velvety textured vodka.


Arbikie Chilli Vodka uses chipotle chillies grown in our polytunnel. Fresh chillies are soaked in our potato vodka until there is a perfect blend of spice and flavour. There are no extracts or flavourings in our chilli vodka. Arbikie Chilli Vodka is a fantastic product to use in cocktails especially when used in the classic Bloody Mary. The smokiness adds a new dimension to any cocktail and has a great depth of flavour.


Moving away from their famous potato vodka, Arbikie has created a wheat vodka for the base, using wheat grown on the farm to make a vodka that provides distinctive notes of butterscotch and biscuit. Sweet local strawberries are used in the distillation and each year’s vintage will have delicate differences. Again, nothing artificial is added, it’s all natural and you can taste it. Even at 50% ABV the vodka is smooth and has strong strawberry-jam flavours.


Haar Vodka is named after the chilly coastal fog that rolls in from the sea and frequently envelopes the distillery and the crops around it. Haar vodka is creamy with hints of vanilla, spice and caramel.


Created by Kirsty Black, the master distiller at Arbikie with selected botanicals local to the area it is a delicate floral gin, which due to the potato based spirit, is exceptionally smooth and a real pleasure to drink. Kelp, carline thistle and blaeberries used in the distillation capture the elements of sea, rock and land that influence our distillery.


This characterful gin is named after Alexander Kirkwood Stirling (aka AK). He’s the late father of Arbikie Highland Estate distillery founders John, Iain and David. The spirit is created entirely on our estate using our wheat and water. We’ve weaved in botanicals such as mace, cardamom and black pepper to give it earthy spicy hints, and honey from beehives on the estate to add a subtle smoothness and a warm buttery quality.


Arbikie’s Highland Rye Single Grain Whisky was laid down in 2015, the first Rye Whisky distilled in Scotland for over 100 years. This is a unique luxury whisky release. The flavour profile is orange marmalade, cloves and maple syrup and it has been well received by the Scotch whisky industry.


Meaning “nature” in Gaelic, Nàdar gin is our latest product. Distilled from the humble garden pea, Nàdar Gin removes more carbon dioxide than it creates, meaning that each bottle you buy actually helps the environment. Flavoured using natural botanicals, lemongrass and citrus leaf. Nàdar gin tastes fresh with a citrus aroma and silky smooth finish.

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