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Blairgowrie and Eastern Perthshire


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Established in 1945, Scotland's leading Great Taste award-winning producer of raw artisan honeys and preserves made with whole Perthshire fruit pollinated by our own bees.

Dedicated to nature, exceptional craftsmanship at the heart of everything we do to sustain our cultural and natural heritage, the honey bee and its essential work in pollination. With 1300 hives located across rural Perthshire and Royal Deeside, our signature Scottish Heather and Blossom Honeys are farmed and extracted using traditional methods and never heated over the normal temperature of the hive to ensure their natural unique characters and health benefits are not destroyed.

Our Scottish Heather Honey – won from purple wild-flowering heather – is known as the ‘Champagne of Honeys’ due to the geographical location of our hives, the terrain and climate.

A Citaslow Supporter and members of the British Bee Farmers and Scottish Beekeepers Associations, we work extensively with local Perthshire berry growers, where fruit culture has been a lifelong passion for over a century. They depend on our 52 million worker bees to carry out the necessary pollination required for optimum crop yields and the perfect berry – both in size, shape, colour and flavour. In turn, our bees gather the nectar to produce our outstanding Scottish Blossom Honey whilst keeping their colonies strong.

It’s a natural synergy and one formative in our jam making. Our Great Taste and World Jampionship award-winning artisan preserves capture the vibrant flavours of this whole Perthshire fruit in their most inherent, purest form. We handcraft in small batches in traditional open pans using 100% minimal, natural ingredients, then bottle and label by hand.

Each sale partakes in a very special relationship between our local heritage, honey bees and the many foods they help produce; this not only prevents the decline of the honey bee – a truly great natural pollinator – but also supports our community and the continued production of the best soft fruit in the world.

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