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A small family business based just outside Stirling, we make all of our dressings with real pride and dedication to great tasting food.

Our award winning dressings are made with balsamic vinegar from the Modena region of Italy.   We call them dressings, but they are made without oil making them ideal for sweet or savoury dishes.  With a beautiful syrupy thickness and wonderfully deep flavours, they are an essential addition to every kitchen.

With our range of dressings, each of the flavours is carefully blended to have just the right balance, whether it’s the subtlety of the Chilli, the light aromas of our Lemon Zest, or the robust, deep flavours of Scottish Raspberry.

Our dressings are carefully made by hand to give the distinctive taste so loved by our customers.

You won’t find any artificial flavours or enhancers, just simple, pure, natural ingredients.

Vegan Friendly*, Fat Free, Low Salt, No Artificial Flavourings…   Just bursting with Great Taste!

*excluding Lime Zest as made with waxed limes

Our range of flavours include:

Original – the base for all our range, the flavour is sweet and sharp, opening up on the palate to a rich, mellow flavour of great depth.  Our best selling variety, and for good reason – it tastes beautiful.

Garlic – a real favourite, fresh garlic blended with our Original, two beautiful flavours complementing each other wonderfully.

Chilli – To the original dressing, a hint of chilli is added, giving a little kick at the back of the taste.

Lemon Zest – A beautiful dressing with the fresh, light notes of pure lemon zest giving way to the deep, full flavours of balsamic.

Raspberry – Blend our sweet balsamic dressing with 25% pure crushed Scottish Raspberries.  The result is this exquisite dressing full of deep, rich fruit flavours giving way to the sweet, sharp palate of balsamic.  Simply sublime!

Ginger – Fresh root ginger is added to the dressing for a clean, warm flavour with an almost citrus edge.  Perfect with strawberries!

Please see our website for our full range of wonderful flavours and serving suggestions.

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