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Matugga Distillers produces a multi-award-winning range of distinctive artisan rums from scratch at our family-owned distillery in Livingston. Our team oversees the entire production process from fermentation and distilling to
hand-bottling and the filling of casks.

We produce the full spectrum of rum styles: white rum, flavoured rum, spiced rum and cask-aged golden and dark rums. Our spirits are distilled entirely from scratch in Scotland giving the products a truly geographical character.

Matugga Rum - our flagship range of premium golden and spiced rums, has won numerous international awards and is currently distributed across the UK and Europe. Its elegantly smooth, distinct and complex character has helped to establish our reputation as a leading producer of artisanal rums that can truly be sipped neat or on ice in addition to making delicious cocktails.

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1 Young Square, Brucefield Industrial Estate, Livingston EH54 9BX, UK