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We make high quality chocolate which is innovative and a “healthier” alternative to the chocolate norm. All our chocolate contains around 50% less sugar, is nutritionally enriched with protein and is free from lactose, gluten and palm oil.

We make six varieties of chocolate, all by hand, in Glasgow. Three of our chocolates are milk chocolate, all made with the exact same recipe, except for the origin of the cocoa. In this way we can showcase the impact that growing location and terroir have on the flavour profile of the chocolate. These varieties are made with cocoa from West Africa (“Belgian”), Madagascan and Colombian. The Madagascan and Colombian cocoas are single origin. From a flavour perspective out Belgian chocolate has a classic chocolate flavour which is easily recognisable. The Madagascan cocoa has a distinctly fruity flavour with caramel notes and the Colombian cocoa has rich and powerful cocoa flavours. Each of these chocolates display flavours which are uniquely their own. 

We also make a high cocoa butter content white chocolate. But this is very, very different to what is available in the Super Market. Not only does it contain 50% less sugar it is also nutritionally enriched with whey from milk, so the resulting chocolate (like our milk chocolates), contains 25% protein. Also like our milk chocolates, the whey and the milk powder we use are lactose free. We believe we are the only company in the UK which makes real milk and white chocolate that is lactose free. This is important as it means our chocolate is available to the 2 - 6 million people in the UK who are lactose intolerant. Flavour wise our white chocolate is creamy and buttery with just the right level of sweetness.

Our fifth variety is a Matcha Japanese green tea chocolate. This is unique in that we add the equivalent of three cups of Matcha into every 90g bar. This means a 30g portion provides one cup of Matcha. The important thing here is that consuming Matcha provides around ten times more polyphenols than drinking brewed green tea. The base chocolate for this bar is similar to our white chocolate so not only does the consumer get a significant amount of antioxidising polyphenols, they also get less sugar and more protein. This chocolate is a lovely vivid green colour and the flavour profile is one of earthy notes initially, which are then followed by a lovely sweetness from the white chocolate.

Finally, our sixth bar is a peanut infused chocolate. This is 100% plant-based and contains 20% protein, just 22% sugar, and each 90g bar contains two portions of peanuts. The cocoa we use to make this bar is the same as what we use for our Colombian milk chocolate. The flavour profile is first peanut dominated, but then the rich and robust flavours provided by the Colombian cocoa come through to provide a wonderful marriage of flavours. This chocolate has extreme length.

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