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Shetland Farm Dairies are the only producer of fresh local milk and dairy products from our three farms here in Shetland.

Shetland Farm Dairies believes that locally sourced is best, with less food miles, or cows breathing in the same clean Shetland air that our customers do and soaking up the rays during the long summer days. In the winter our cows are where you would want to be, indoors keeping away from those gales and driving rain being looked after by a small dedicated team who know each cow and care for them with the highest standards. Shetland Farm Dairies are proud to support dairy farming and we do not follow the commodity prices for milk but pay our farms to mirror the actual high cost of production in our rural setting. We want our customers to be able to enjoy the awesome milk produced by our dairy cows fresh, local milk. Our butter is produced in small batches, hand crafted ‘the old fashioned way’ to give you a smooth creamy lightly salted butter without over processing or adding in additional preservatives. From this process we take the buttermilk and by adding a little culture, a key component of anything great in Shetland, bring you an unction acidic product that is the perfect ingredient for many of our favourite recipes, as a smoothie or just on it’s own. In 2020 we have innovated to enable local customers to be able to choose the environmentally caring way to purchase our milk in glass bottles from vending machines sited across the isles.

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