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Shortbread House still insist on making their products truly by hand, naturally only ever with the finest ingredients. This gives the biscuits a unique taste, texture and appearance. As a result, they have won over 90 Great Taste Awards which is more than any other Scottish shortbread bakery.

Shortbread House has a wide range of truly handmade shortbread that can be delivered directly to your door. They have many different flavours within their range. There are also gift tins that are ideal to send to someone as a present or we have packets so you can treat yourself at home without any extra unnecessary packaging.

Made by hand by a small team of skilled bakers their shortbread has won over 90 Great Taste Awards. In 2019 the original recipe won a two star Great Taste Award which was the best award given to any Scottish shortbread.

Shortbread House pays all full time members of their team the minimum of the Scottish Living Wage and is proud to employ a skilled team of bakers. Their range has become famous amongst top retailers around Scotland and the UK. They are stocked in many farm shops and delis as well as top department stores. You can now also order online to have the shortbread delivered directly to your door. There is no delivery charge for orders over £25 to UK mainland addresses.

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25 Tennant St, Edinburgh EH6 5NA, UK