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Tayport Distillery produces a range of premium craft spirits including gin, vodka, liqueurs and eau de vie.

Using the finest local ingredients, our spirits start life as grain collected from a local farm. Our spirits are mashed, fermented, distilled and bottled in our distillery giving our spirits a unique character.

In 2017, Tayport Distillery had the ambition to create quality products that we could claim were wholly Scottish. Sourcing the fruit and grain was not easy but support from local farmers was fantastic, as we are surrounded by extremely flavoursome berries.

This presented us with the opportunity to create an entirely unique product, Eau de Vie - the first in Scotland. Eau de Vie gave Tayport Distillery the opportunity to explore different flavours and fruits that had not yet been brought to the highly popular gin market at the time. It also gave us a point of difference in the cocktail bars in Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and London.

Bartenders celebrated the provenance of our products, supporting and listing us on menus showcasing our Scottish heritage. Tayport Distillery have now produced eight products which all use locally sourced grain, fruit and botanicals. We are one of the few distilleries in Scotland who produce their base spirit from the beginning, mashing, fermenting and distilling on-site. This provides a unique flavour profile to our spirits, giving it a smooth
and creamy texture on the back of the palette. We designed this grain neutral spirit (GNS) using Laureate Barley from just south of Edinburgh. The barley is steeped for two days before it is left to air dry. It is given 5 and a half days to grow before it is kilned on the eve of 5th day into the 6th. Obviously, times can vary depending on a number of variable, weather being the biggest variable. This is their favourite part of the process because lots of things can happen, forcing you to think on your feet!

Once the base spirit goes through many distillations, it is time to develop the spirit. We collect our fruit from the local farms in Fife, Tayside and Angus. The East Neuk of Fife and Tayside gives us regular updates on their stock of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. While a farm in Angus prep us with all the blackcurrants the world could offer once they are picked!

Collecting fruit and grain from local farms assures us of the quality and consistency in flavour for all our products. All our botanicals are sustainably sourced with the main flavour profile being foraged ourselves from the banks of the Tay River. We have a personal connection with all the people we meet during our spirit journeys, and always look forward to collecting more when the season comes!

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