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Artisanal producer of Handcrafted gourmet chilli pastes and spice blends. 100% Natural and Gluten free. We have used our Mauritian heritage to create exotic, unique and natural flavours.

All our products are 100% natural and Gluten free. All Handcrafted and of the highest quality.

We have 3 types of gourmet chilli pastes which are so versatile they can be used as a sauce, condiment, cooking paste and even a rub and glaze. 3 different strengths: Mild, Medium and Hot (2 Vegetarian, 1 Vegan). The flavours are sublime and create a dance on your palate.

We also have 3 curry spice blends. Each of theses are different and again unique in their flavour. The flavours are rich, deep, exotic and intense. The flavour combinations are not similar to any curry on the market due to our Mauritian influence. From our award winning Oak smoked curry blend - recommended for red meat and pulses Premium roasted - recommended chicken and vegetables Tangy - seafood and lighter vegetables These are only recommendations as all blends are exquisite.

Pickles and other blends being launched soon.

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4 Midmills Rd, Inverness IV2 3NX, UK